Jennifer Chien

Data Scientist

Jennifer is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. Their research topic is machine learning and fairness, and currently they focus on causality and system-level interactions in dynamic environments. Jennifer holds a Graduate Fellowship for STEM Diversity and is a UCSD Global Policy and Strategy Science Policy Fellow.

Before enrolling in their doctorate program, Jennifer studied Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics at Wellesley College, where they graduated with a BA in 2019. Although most of their previous research experience was in the field of bioinformatics, real world impact has been always the grounding motivation for their research pursuits.

Jennifer is the president of Graduate Women in Computing (GradWIC), a graduate organization for women and other minorities in computing that focuses on building community, outreach, and mentorship. Under Jennifer's leadership, GradWIC has grown to over 425 members and was awarded the Xilinx WIT University Grant Program Award. In their spare time, Jennifer also enjoys photography, dance, and sailing.

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