África Periáñez, CEO of benshi.ai, will discuss the future of health at CosmoCaixa


May 5, 2022

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África Periáñez, founder and CEO of benshi.ai, has been invited to participate in the debate "Dialogue on the health of the future", co-organized by the La Caixa Foundation and the Fórum Ambiental Foundation. The event will take place on Thursday, May 26, 2022 (19:00 CET) at CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona.

In this roundtable, África Periáñez will discuss and share insights on how artificial intelligence is helping to shape the future of health through the application of new data science tools, focusing on personalized public health policies and its development over the coming decades.

The session will be chaired by the renowned science communicator Toni Pou, and África Periáñez will be joined by Valeria Rigui, PhD in human–computer interaction and researcher in citizen science; Cristian Pascual, industrial engineer who specializesin telemedicine and digital health; and Miquel Àngel Bru, expert in eHealth.

For more information or interview requests, please contact:

Alvaro de Benito
Communication and Public Relations, Benshi.ai