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A platform to democratize
AI-based interventions and experimentation


Track & label

Start by connecting mobile or web apps to the platform as your sources of user data. provides a predefined set of available tracking events and auto-generates meaningful user & content traits, individual behavioral time series metrics, and KPIs specific to your use case resulting in labeled, machine learning-ready data

  • Develop a tracking plan from our preset schemas for ML

  • Connect seamlessly through our SDKs

  • Track data in real time, driven by your business questions

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Segment users & content

Segment your users and application contents into affinity cohorts based on users' past and predicted behavior, or build custom segments based on exploratory questions. Cohorts act as a single unit for training of machine learning models, analytic exploration and experimentation.

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Analyze trends

Our analytics space offers visual exploration of historical time series behavioral and health data, along with visualization of app content performance, user traits, and KPIs

  • Visualize historical user activity and engagement data in near-real-time

  • Integrate behavioral analytics into your personalization workflows

  • Compare time series data across user & content cohorts

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Predict, recommend & validate

Time-varying behavioral predictions, personalized content recommendations, and app content demand forecasting are core outputs of the platform. In our Predictions space, partners can explore the predictions from of our machine learning models for individual users and app content to get a glimpse into the future.

Machine learning model governance and transparency are fundamental to's predictive power. In the Model Management space, partners are able to explore models — the origin of all of the platform's predictive outputs — through accuracy metrics and performance monitoring.

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