welcomes Prof. Pedro Luis Alonso as Special Advisor


June 20, 2022

download EnglishspanishAmharic, an AI organization with the mission of improving the engagement of patients and providers in global health with AI technologies, is delighted to announce the incorporation of Pedro L. Alonso, MD, PhD as special advisor.   

Prof.  Alonso served between 2014 and 2022 as Director of the WHO's Global Malaria Programme. Before joining WHO, he contributed to the creation of the Manhiça Health Research Center in Mozambique (1996), led the International Health Department at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and was the founding director of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGLOBAL) (2010). He is a Professor of Global Health at the University of Barcelona, has mentored a large cohort of African scientists and authored more than 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals, with a strong focus on malaria. Due to his extensive experience and academic background, is proud that Prof. Alonso will act as its special advisor on Malaria and global health matters.  

His works on malaria and other maladies — including tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections—that affect vulnerable populations in low - and middle-income countries are extraordinarily relevant to’s aim of boosting the engagement of patients, pharmacists and front-line health workers by democratizing data-driven technologies, personalization and behavioral machine learning in global health.