Ana Fernández del Río

Head of Data Science Research

Ana is a senior data scientist with over 15 years of experience in data-related research. Her background is in theoretical physics and statistical physics of complex systems, and she has extensive experience with different statistical and machine learning algorithms focusing primarily on human behavior modeling.

She has developed an array of data science solutions throughout her career, both for the industry (Coca-Cola, Telefónica, Schering-Plough, etc) and in organizations with demanding operational setups (German Weather Service/EUMETSAT). Before joining benshi, Ana was a principal data scientist at Inditex, the world’s largest fashion retailer. She was previously in Japan as part of Yokozuna Data, a Tokyo-based machine learning start-up in the video game industry. There, she first started working with some of her colleagues who are also at benshi today.

Ana holds a PhD in Science, focusing on statistical modeling of human behaviour, from the Spanish National University of Distance Education. In addition, she holds an MSc in Statistical Physics of Complex Systems from the Spanish National University of Distance Education, and an MSc in Theoretical Physics from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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