Omid Aladini

Technology and Strategy

Omid is a software and distributed-systems engineer who has built from scratch data infrastructures for multiple clients in different industries, such as banking, financial software, consumer Internet, virtual reality, game analytics, instant messaging, and ad networks.

Omid is co-founder and Director of Engineering at Unstoppable Finance, a start-up that focus to build a simple and intuitive access layer for the decentralised economy. Before that, he designed and developed an assets exchange system from scratch for BSDEX, a trading system for digital assets. From 2010 to 2014, Omid worked at SoundCloud, where he helped to build many of the data infrastructure and data-heavy products.

He obtained his MSc in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning in 2010 from the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, where he conducted research focused on reinforcement learning and partially observable Markov decision processes. Omid also holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran.

Omid enjoys building correct, functional and maintainable software and data systems. He is particularly interested in "stateful" systems (such as data services, distributed databases, file systems, queues and computation systems) that require careful consideration of data consistency, availability and their respective trade-offs. Omid has won international adult competitions in robotics when he was a teenager.

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