Samuel Zambrano

President of Board of Trustees

Dr. Samuel Zambrano is an associate professor of physics at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, Italy, which is part of San Raffaele Hospital, one of the largest research hospitals in Italy.

He has been teaching core courses on physics and quantitative biology for medicine and biotechnology students. Beyond his teaching and institutional duties, Samuel is an active researcher who aims to understand how cells use intricate regulatory networks to provide timely and precise responses to signals from their environment. To this end, he adopts an interdisciplinary approach, combining ideas from dynamical systems theory, systems biology, and biophysics. 

After obtaining a degree in theoretical physics at Complutense University of Madrid in 2003, Samuel received a Ph.D in nonlinear dynamics and complex systems from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid. During his doctoral tenure, he participated in programs at the National Institute of Applied Optics, Florence, and University of Maryland, USA. This experience consolidated his interest in mathematical modelling, emergence of complex properties from simple systems, and application of quantitative approaches to address complex interdisciplinary questions in a wide variety of fields, including life sciences. 

Prior to joining San Raffaele in 2011, Samuel served as an assistant professor of physics in Madrid. Since then, he has applied his quantitative background to different projects to tackle basic and translational research questions. He also serves as a reviewer for grant agencies and several physics and life sciences journals. 

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