Sumiko Tanaka Pusch

Chief Operations Officer

Sumiko is responsible for engaging partners and maintaining partnerships for, supports key collaboration operations and enables the delivery of ́s mission to push the frontiers of AI and global health.

Early on Sumiko identified IR as her career path when she was an undergraduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her bachelor’s degree was immediately followed by a summer internship with the United Nations in New York City for the Economic and SocialDevelopment Department. Eventually she would earn a dual master’s degree in diplomacy and strategic negotiations at partner IR programs in Paris and subsequently support IOs throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Prior to joining, Sumiko spent eight years in leadership roles at a for-profit company serving the mission and vision of non-profit organizations focused on global health issues. In total, Sumiko has dedicated two decades to the collaborative approach as a driving force for positive change.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, she lives with her wonderful (!) husband and her daughter and is always happy to make time for a set or two of tennis and a delicious meal.

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