Takehiko Terada

Board Member

Takehiko has extensive entrepreneurial and management experiences in companies that focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Currently he is the CEO of several AI companies in Japan focusing on GPU-accelerated, fast AI inference framework products. He heads ax Inc, which develops AI applications, framework, and middleware; bitcraft, which specializes in backend solutions for console and mobile video games; and MotionPortrait, which develops facial recognition, analytics, and animation technologies. The latter two companies had been acquired by ax Inc under his charge. He also founded Vault in 2019, which provides angel investor funding for technology start-ups.

From 2007 to 2018, Takehiko was the CEO and president of a Japanese computer graphics company and video game developer, Silicon Studio. He also helped to launch the company soon after it was established, joining in 2000 as head engineer and then rising to executive director. Under Takehiko’s leadership, Silicon Studio rapidly developed multiple mobile games and computer graphics rendering engines through the years, eventually listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015. Upon stepping down as CEO, he became fellow, member of the board.

Prior to Silicon Studio, Takehiko was a lead engineer at US-based Silicon Graphics Inc’s then-Japan subsidiary, SGI Japan, which was also the company that launched Silicon Studio. He had also either headed or held senior positions in tech companies such as prime switch, Ignis Imageworks, and Matchlock.

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